LogicTrans.ro’s mission is to efficiently and fairly manage demand and supply on the freight transport market, practically to create the connection between the sender of the goods and the carrier according to his requirements. The same is true and vice versa, the carrier who is looking for a limited quantity of goods is assigned the right goods.

We stand out in the market by our ability to meet transport requirements for all types of goods and to all destinations, both national and international. Through the object of our activity, we assume a responsibility equal to that of the carrier, in the route that the goods take until they reach their destination.

A shipping company must have the ability to optimally combine all market offers, regardless of destination (national or international) and regardless of the type of goods (building materials, cars, machinery, plastics, furniture, etc.).

Shipping companies often benefit from negotiated preferential rates, lower due to the volumes of transport they carry out.

We also inform ourselves that the carriers’ insurance is paid up to date and that the transport company is free of problems, for example: thefts, delays, unauthorized transshipments, etc.

LogicTrans.ro, as a shipping company, tries to achieve the perfect balance between the owner of the goods and the carrier, tracking the goods from pick-up to unloading and ensuring the flow of information necessary for the smooth development of the transport.