Road freight transport refers to the movement of goods in space with the help of specialized vehicles (trucks). Trucks have a special mobility, not being tied to special fixed installations as is the case in rail transport, for example (railway lines, depots, triages, etc.). Since they can enter places where other means of transport have no accessibility, they are an indispensable component of multi modal transport. With the help of trucks, direct transports can be organized from the supplier to the beneficiary of the goods in the country or abroad, avoiding trans shipments along the way and their consequences: expensive handling; quantitative and qualitative losses; lost parcels; evasions etc.

Road freight transport can be carried out nationally – national road freight transport as well as international – international road freight transport.

National road transport of goods – transport operation performed with a road vehicle registered in a country, only on the territory of that country.

Types of domestic and international transport of goods and goods:

  1. General cargo transport
  2. Transportation of perishable goods
  3. Transportation of dangerous goods
  4. Transport of live animals
  5. Transportation of goods with excess mass or dimensions
  6. Transportation with specialized vehicles
  7. Special vehicle transports
  8. Oversized transports